I’m Joani Jones and I am currently a senior at University of Oregon studying public relations and communications.  I have a passion for public relations and also a  passion for sports, and once I got to college I found out that it was possible for me to combine both.  The focus of my blog is PR, PR in sports and life in general from a college student about to graduate and enter the real world.

The title of my blog, “The PReseason,” is intended to reflect the point I am at in my life. Most sports have a preseason, the time immediately before the season that is devoted to training and preparation.  I feel that this time in my life is also the preseason, because I am training and preparing to enter the professional world of public relations, which is also reflected in my blog.  I invite you all to learn along with me and share your own personal experiences or thoughts.

Check out my LinkedIn for more information on my professional background.

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” -John Wooden